Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting Ready For Baby #2

Prepare My Toddler For Baby # Two: One of my biggest fears with having another baby is that my sweet girl will feel like she isn't my baby girl anymore! I always want her to know how special and incredibly happy she makes me and her Daddy! We wanted her even before we knew I was pregnant and have never been so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter like her! I have been making Saturdays days just for me and her doing whatever we want! I love taking her out to explore and just be us girls! So that will be a must to continue. Also I put her in dance to give her something for herself and she loves it [except today she did not want to go and I was kind of okay with it]. We will have a lot of play-dates, preschool, days at the pool, and I am sure we can squeeze in a mani & pedi girls day! 

Prepare for Another Birth: I have done pretty much nothing so far to get prepared besides bought some of the cutest clothes! Which seems to be the case this pregnancy. I already feel like I need to pack my hospital bag, camera and reassure myself I can do this again. Also I need to find the perfect little outfit to bring him home in, which I found this cute onesie that I am dying over! I am all about getting a manicure/pedicure before his big debut and not to mention my hair, I know the things that matter! But after having him I don't want to feel completely rundown and those few things always makes me feel just a little bit better and happier as a girl!

Getting Ready for Baby: The nice thing about having a second baby is that there is much less stuff to buy. Now if there weren't so much to do in the next eight weeks. A list of things I can think of that we do need to do/buy before baby #2 arrives:

I love our Peg Preggo car seat and need to grab it our of storage and clean out the cheetos and cheerios still left in there from Adie. I ordered this perfect blanket to keep snuggled next to our little stud for the car ride home.

I want to get a new baby monitor this time. I have my eye on the avent digital video baby monitor from our baby gear list you can see here. I just know Adie and I will be busy asking indoor forts or having another dance off so this will be the perfect way to keep an eye on our little stud!
I have my eye set on this stroller since the one we have [this one] for Adie is designed more for being active outdoors and is a total pain when you're at the mall! Adie is at the age where I don't think she will sit in the stroller, she rather push it like she does the cart when we are at the grocery store.

I am in love with this bassinet from our little stud's registry you can see here! We didn't get one for Adie since we put her in her crib from day one which I wouldn't change a thing! She totally knows when she is in her crib she goes to sleep! We are tight on space until we find our dream house so this will be perfect for everyone and he can even sleep in it while me and Adie are watching Princess movies or she's making me the best lunch ever!

I need to wash his little newborn clothes and all of his bedding! I got his little crib sheet in from Target that is my absolute favorite and cannot wait to show you guys! And of course stock up on those diapers again. I am so glad Adie is potty trained and we will not be doubling up on diapers when he gets here! Which I am sure she will tell me he went poop 5240645 times a day, it's like her new thing! Everyone including Barbie and Papa went poop and gets candy!

Declutter: For me this is a huge one! I am so not a clutter person, it makes me absolutely crazy! Less is more and I feel like I can breathe and relax that way! I did this about five months or so ago, but living with a toddler it's right back where I need to get organized! That's why too we went though Adie's stuff and I am on a mission to sell it, donate it and give it away! Also keep a few things for her when she has a sweet daughter [hope so] of her own! Perfect time too to get this done Spring Cleaning which Adie is pretty good at if you saw our last post. This will help me too when I am lacking sleep and wanting nothing more than a nap but with two littles it won't be possible!

Freezer Meals: I think this will save my family from going into starvation mode when our little stud gets here! Found these crockpot freezer meals on pinterest that I will for sure be doing and my Aunt gave me the best recipe for mini chimis and I will be making dozens of them! They are so stinking delicious and if I can get them made and in the freezer, lunch time will be a breeze and no one will go hungry! This was probably the biggest challenge for me when I was a new mom with Adie that and feeling like I had to do everything by myself! So this time around I will be prepared for more kisses and girl time!
How did you prepare for baby #2?! and your toddler?! Any favorite freezer meals and did I forget anything on my list!? I'd love to hear any must do's so share in the comments! 

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