Friday, April 10, 2015

Feels Like Summer

Happy Friday Guys! It feels like summer and I cannot tell you what it did for the three four of us to be outside and be sun-kissed all day! Adie was in love with today and she was so tired but just kept playing and now she is asleep and I just want to go in there and snuggle her! We had our usual weekly water gun fight, played a little volleyball which she is the best coach, tennis was a blast and rootbeer floats made it totally feel like summer! Tonight she played in the sand with Grandma so me and Eric could go on a long overdue date night! We went to see Fast Seven and it totally makes me miss Paul Walker and the margarita flat bread from Chili's is my favorite thing there to order and it's amazing every time! A few things on my mind besides summer:

1. I need to stock up on sunscreen and carry it with me wherever we go because I think Adie will be living in her swimsuit and the way she says it is my favorite!
2. I am totally ok with her living in her swimsuit all summer long!
3. I am going to need to keep watermelon on hand at all times with both Eric and Adie this summer and I will be good with strawberry lemonade!
4. Remember to take time for myself especially after our little stud gets here so I don't miss anything this summer going crazy!
5. Bubbles are Adie's favorite and this is a perfect birthday present if I can wait that long!

I haven't had rootbeer floats in forever and today I totally felt like a little kid with no worries! Adie didn't want any rootbeer in hers and of course when she was finished with her ice cream she stole my float and never looked back! I think we convinced her it's the only way to go so we will have to make it a weekly summer treat! 

Have you guys checked out Peek Kid's summer collection yet?! I am obsessed and cannot wait to get in there and buy a few things for Adie and our little stud! I am swooning big time over this mermaid tee and of course this lifeguard hoodie for our little stud! I cannot wait for a new summer wardrobe and I have been dreaming of swimsuits and sunglasses! The hardest thing during pregnancy (third trimester) for me is that nothing fits and I hate to buy a ton of maternity clothes that I won't wear that long so I have been steeling a few shirts from Eric's closet! I cannot believe we only have seven more weeks and we will be a family of four! We will have our little babes and our little stud and I cannot wait! I am looking forward to sleepless nights, late night feedings, early morning snuggles so much more than the struggle of getting out of bed in the mornings and having the daily battle of what to wear if we actually make it out of the house! 

Happy weekend and cheers to sunny days!

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