Monday, April 13, 2015

Endless Weekend

The weekends go by way too fast and I am convinced to live an endless weekend style of life! Eric took a couple days off and I think it's just what this Momma needed to get some major family time in and remember how exciting everything is through Adie's eyes! And it felt like the weekend never ended until now. The weather has been so like summer so we spent most of our time outside and tonight made hamburgers on the grill which takes me back to last summer! We went looking for the Oh Joy! book at Barnes & Noble and they are out of stock so we ordered it and I cannot wait to get creative with my babes! I have seen it plastered over my Instagram [@5472rocks] and cannot wait to get it along with a few others for Adie's growing library! I picked up Alice in Wonderland at Peek Kids and it is her favorite and I cannot wait to snuggle next to her in her big girl bed and read it to her! Which we are ordering it this week and I am dying to put her bedding on we got from PBK and this pillow is a freaking must in light pink of course! Then I can cross one big must do off our list before our little stud gets here! 

The funniest thing ever is Adie running to us every time she has a wedgie and wants us to totally get it our for her! I die every time because she giggles and it reminds me that she still totally needs me! Which I hope she always knows that she can come to me for anything even those toughest wedgies! She has been obsessed lately with playing in the sand and I cannot blame the girl, my toes belong in the sand every day! So we always make it out to the volleyball court for a couple hours of building castles, making everyone pineapple smoothies and getting probably the best pedicures! I love Pinterest and taking a mini vacation picking out summer love [board here] and dreaming of summer! I think too I am just too anxious to meet our little stud and make this summer one of the best ones yet as a family of four! 

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