Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Style

Easter is this weekend and I cannot get over picking out Adie's outfit and I couldn't pass up a little stud's style either. Makes me so stinking excited to meet our little guy and get him into outfits I know he will hate me for later! I totally want to live in sweats for the rest of my pregnancy and totally get away with not getting ready! I totally need a third trimester makeover and quick! I fell in love with that dress from J.Crew and paired with those amazing shoes is the perfect outfit for any afternoon hunting eggs! So excited to watch my little babes giggle and have so much fun Sunday. It's the best experiencing everything again through your child's eye! 

If we aren't running outside, eating our weight in fruit snacks, or having 54616 dance offs we have been spring cleaning! Adie's idea of cleaning is taking everything a putting it in her dolly stroller! Biggest helper ever and it just makes me want to squeeze her! I think it's a little spring cleaning mixed with nesting that I am going through everything and getting ready for our little stud! Our schedule is going to get crazy which Adie totally calls me "loco mom" and I couldn't agree with her more sometimes! I think I am totally going to take advantage of its washed and  Mindy's Meals which is the best home cooked meals delivered right to your door and they are even healthy. Which is what this Mamma will need for sure and that way I know Eric and Adie won't go hungry either! 

baby buggy: Land of Nod

Today we went for another ultrasound to make sure we weren't going to expect complications this summer! Which everything looked perfect and Adie giggled as she watched little brother up on the screen while she held my hand and my heart totally exploded! She is my forever girl and she has made me the happiest Mommy ever! I just couldn't ask for a sweeter, more beautiful, funny, adventurous, and sassy daughter! She is so wild for the outdoors and I cannot wait for all of the fun this summer will bring for her! I just cannot believe it is already April and in two short months we will be kissing the biggest baby lips ever! We got a few ultrasound pictures today and his lips are just so kissable already and he is the cutest ever!

Happy first day of April! I totally got April Fooled at the Maverik today picking up our favorite drinks!

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