Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Day

It was the best weekend full of eggs, food, #ldsconf, family and  eating our weight in Easter bunny chocolates! Saturday we dyed and colored eggs with Adie and she was obsessed with coloring every single egg. I needed to have dozens and dozens for her (and Eric) to be creative! She loved it! I made breakfast before conference and waffles are a pregnant girl's best friend at thirty two weeks and pinterest wins again with directions to cute little bunny napkins! I love everything about making my two favorites feel loved and this Easter Sunday I felt so much love for our Father in Heaven and I really needed conference to remind me that it's family that makes us happy and to be more like Him and not to mention a lot can happen in just three day!

I got a few things that are Adie's favorite for her basket this year. You can see our must haves here and I added the funnest crayola pink set for her artist side and you cannot pass up a couple eos lip balms that she will carry around everywhere! Eric is obsessed with cactus and every time we drive down to Arizona he points out exactly when we pass the first cactus so I had to add some to his basket with his favorite flake bars! Which I am all about peanut m&m's and I would do anything right now for a bag full of them with these braces on! 

my favorite bowls ever

Family came over for a late lunch, made the best artichoke dip, well I helped and Eric rocked it and had our usual Easter egg hunt and it was so fun watching Adie get excited when she found eggs or candy! We took the same picture as we did last year and looking back at them I about bawled! So much has changed including my growing belly and our little family has been through so much this past year but nothing makes my heart more full than my two favorites and now three! Experiencing these special times through Adie has opened my eyes and to remember to just breathe and be in the moment! I couldn't agree with her more! Makes me excited for next year!

We had dinner at Grandma KK's and Adie got the stinking cutest little princess tutu outfit that she has been wearing ever since and I can't even complain about the glitter everywhere because she is so freaking cute about it! A skirt can change a girl's mood just like that, she danced everywhere on her little tip toes and I just want to squeeze her guts! Feeling super pregnant this Easter and hope you guys had a blessed and wonderful Easter with your favorites!

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