Friday, March 13, 2015

Summer Ready

 I have to start out with my little Adie babes! She is getting so big and my heart is going to burst! Went and checked on brother today and she insisted she lay next to me which I will totally take! Everything is right on track for our little summer stud! Even talked about getting induced since I do not want to go over like I did with Adie. Miserable times 563186186 and I'm too excited to meet him! Actually I am ready to meet him right now but we have two and a half months left or 82 days depends on how you look at it! :) Picked up a few more things for our little stud and totally brings me back to getting ready for Adie and how small she was or wasn't (she was almost nine pounds). 

We went to Peek Kids little Fairy tale Event at Fashion Place and love and I mean have to have everything in there right now for Adie and Our Little Stud! Picked this up for her which I totally need these to go with and this up for him! You guys know my love for that store and they never ever do us wrong! They are a bunch of the funnest girls who love Adie and totally put up with her always wanting a sucker and a bouncy ball and she chucks it throughout the store and we manage to leave without burning the place down. 

Now getting summer ready which I am all about right now! Especially being pregnant and due at the beginning of summer I have been dreaming of pool days, swimsuits, tan lines, and making memories that will last us through the cold months! I have my eye on a few Solly Baby Wraps so I can be at the pool with Adie and still keep Little Stud close! They just launched their new collection and love the mint color! So here are a few things I have been doing to get ready for sun kissed skin and looking my best after feeling maybe not my oh so best especially in the third trimester! 

one: I start out with my purifying cleanser and paired with my clarisonic makes for the softest skin ever! In Arizona I even made my Sister and Ma feel my face! This gets all of the make-up off and even more so with the clarisonic! Those things are like magic and I will never not use them!

two: After cleansing I have been loving and even a bit obsessed with my newest Bamboo Exfoliating Polish. Anything with a exfoliate is the best way to get rid of that dead skin and anything form the day that totally needs to come off! I use this twice a week and love that you can use just a little to go a long way or use a little more on those days you really need it!

three: The moisturizing day cream is amazing and has sunscreen mixed in which is huge this summer! This is key to any cleansing routine and especially being out in the sun if you don't wear hats (I don't like hat hair ha). But I am on the hunt for a big one so our Little Stud can stay in the shade while I watch Adie babes splash the afternoons away! Best stuff out there!!! 

four: Being out in the sun is the best way to spend the summer days and even nights but it can be a bit much for your skin. That's why I picked up a few favorites from Victoria's Secret last time we were there. I usually am the girl that sits out of the pool and gets a tan because I hate doing my hair after it's wet especially if we head out to BBQ's or anywhere new and fun to eat! The limited-edition body mist shows skin some love with conditioning aloe and a subtle hint of scent. Perfect to mist on after being at the pool all night and headed to the must be at BBQ! Taking a break from the sun is always a good idea and adding the beach spray lotion is an even better one. So take a break at the pool or even the beach with this lotion that sprays on nourishing jojoba and safflower oils for a cooling hit of moisture. After it's all said and done. I am loving this soft glow body oil (found in stores)! Jasmine and fluffy vanilla gives you a head-to-toe glow. Breathe in. Bliss out. Just chill. Sounds like the perfect summer night! Plus the perfect nail color for your mani and pedi keeps you looking put together at the pool and in your cutest sandals!

five: Drink plenty of water! and drinking lemon water is awesome to help detox your body and give you glowing skin, which we all want, right?!?! A few benefits of lemon water, especially in the morning, is it keeps your body alkalized. High in vitamin C which helps eliminate free radicals which help to reduce the signs of aging on the skin. It also cleanses toxins and excess waste, a total win in my book! Stimulates the liver, antibacterial properties and stronger blood vessels! You can't go wrong with lemon water unless you hate lemons which I do but the water I am getting used to!

Literally Spring and Summer wardrobes is where it's at! I love the colors and all of the fun accessories that are a total must have that go with it! Like that freaking fun pink flamingo that we will be for sure floating around on and maybe even taking a nap! I still have been dying over those instant cameras and the fact that it comes in pink is a for sure purchase this summer! Being little and cute is so fun in the summer, those tan line wedges get me every time! I could own like a million pairs of sunglasses and now they just keep getting cuter and more of a I have to have them! I think it goes the same for my girl! I have been loving my birkenstocks and found the cutest matching pair for Adie and love that she can just slip then on for a pool day, a day at the zoo or a fun lunch date with Mommy! I love a good (and cute) cover up for after you're done at the pool and are just lounging around and this little blue one is perfect for my summer girl! and keep her wild pool hair out of her stinking cute face is that amazing bow headband! 

One-pieces have totally caught my eye lately not only for myself but for Adie too! J.Crew by far as the best summer must haves this season! I love her little belly poking out of her tankini we got for Arizona but the one-pieces seem to be coming back in a big way! Love the rash guards that double as sun protection when your little babes refuses to come inside! Everything we gathered up for getting ready for summer is by far a must have I think in not only my books but Adie's too!

bow headband | dress | sandals | pink dot rash guard | ruffle suit | stripped suit |
floral rash guard | sunnies | instant camera | sunblock | flamingo for the pool

Hope you guys have a fun weekend and I think Adie and I are going to see Cinderella!

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