Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring Fever Her + Him

OH MY SUNSHINE! It seriously has been so beautiful this week and ten more days until the official start of Spring! YAY! We cannot wait for all of the blossoms and I love the colors of Spring! We totally picked up bags and bags of M&Ms for potty treats and this rockstar of ours is a bad-ass and I now know why everyone post their littles potty successes on Facebook and shout it to the world! It has been the best week! Complete victory this week and nothing is cuter than when she tells you she has to go and runs to the bathroom and her excitement is so contagious! 

Today the minute we went outside Adie was running non stop, chasing and squawking at the ducks! Totally knocked a few hundred times on the neighbors door (thank gosh it's her Aunt and Uncle's place) and then she found the smallest scoop of snow and threw it at their door! Being seven months pregnant it's hard keeping up with this adventurous babes! I am still reaching for summer and everything that comes with it! Especially our little stud, 84 more days!!! 

Nothing is more refreshing than a little zip in your drink and I have been loving my all natural energy drink! Which I want to start doing like Thirsty Thursdays and make fun drinks to get us ready for all of our summer shenanigans! Reading the best book The Four Agreements you can find it here! Awe I cannot wait for summer if you haven't noticed by now! I just keep envisioning it in my mind, pool days with my two little favorites, outdoor dinners, sand volleyball, family fun, tan lines of course and making fun memories! I am a summer babe and this one is going to beat last years for sure! (knock! knock!) 

I cannot wait to stock these two little closets full of fun colors and palm tree print anything! I am dying over this little hat for our stud! I love following other blogs that have babies and getting style from them for cuteness! And not to mention finding new shops for unique must haves that I die over every time like that little sunglasses romper! My favorite thing in the summer is when they come out with palm tree print on anything and Adie totally knows those are my favorite ever! I just love littles style and how cute everything always looks and secretly wish my closet looked as good as Adie's does! Right now we're in the transition of new sizes and anything for the season! She is just getting so tall and her feet seem to never stop growing! I am on the hunt for some new birkenstocks for this summer. She lived in hers last year and they were worth every penny and looked cute with everything from shorts to dresses and of course with her little toes painted!

ferris wheel tank | knot hairband | floral skirt | sweatpant | adidas sneaks

Hope you guys are having the best start to the week!

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