Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Little Lucky Charm

Today has been one of those days where we're happy go lucky one minute and the next we're in tears over orange juice! But I had a fun afternoon planned for my girl and despite not having a nap we made it to The Sweet Tooth Fairy and she was stinking so fun! This girl can never leave anywhere without her chapstick and this trip she took all three with her. This place is so fun for anytime treats or a little fun afternoon with your favorite!  We picked up anything we found that was green of course for St. Patrick's Day! Nothing beats sweet dates with my girl and she eats her cupcakes like a a boss. The frosting first and then leaves the rest for me. She even had to try Dad's cupcake to make sure we picked the right one to bring home! We're don't really do green so we do pink instead. She was the cutest when I put her little pink shamrock tattoo on her cheek and she is still wearing it after her shower, which she's so not a bath girl anymore! Maybe it's the poop in the bath episode that ruined it for her! We'll never know!

The weather has been right on point lately for this Momma to be chasing walking after Adie! She is totally an outdoor babe and it's exactly what all three of us need, some fresh air and a little sunshine! We're headed up to the cabin this weekend with family and if all goes well I will get to do some relaxing with my little stud and maybe squeeze in a nap or two! It seems like this last trimester  is nap time all over again! Lately I feel like I have been crazy busy meeting up with friends, tackling a few goals and getting ready for our little stud to get here! Now that we have Adie pretty much potty trained we are getting her a big girl bed and I am so excited to make it super special for her! I totally have my eye on everything at Pottery Barn Kids like always! Which I cannot wait because lifting her up with a basketball belly is really getting to be a hot mess!

Cheers to being lucky!

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