Thursday, March 26, 2015

Girl's Day

Reason 541896 I love it here is these trees during Spring! They are my favorite ever and today was such a fun girl's day out with my babes. The only thing missing was a little shopping but we're on a mission to be free of debt this year and I am pretty excited about it! After dance class today which was filled with a little sass and a lot of twirls we met a friend for lunch at our favorite place and she insisted on wearing all of her skirts! I totally loved it! I always end up getting the same thing once I find something I love at a restaurant and the chicken cesar salad is my freaking all time favorite at the Cheesecake Factory! I swear the weeks are flying by and this little stud will be here before we know it! Adie is so excited he will be here for her birthday and she loves the name we picked! So excited! 

We check up on our little stud tomorrow morning and we're so excited for the weekend and the fact it's going to be sunshine all day! I am starting Spring cleaning with Adie's stuff too this weekend and getting rid of pretty much everything. I have to make room for more, right?!?! and our little stud! I was talking to Eric today about how in the world am I going to make room in my heart for more love! Eric and Adie take up my heart so much it even expands and it needs to burst! When she was born I thought I loved Eric with all of me then I became a Mommy and every day it melts over and over! Now our little stud will be here this summer and it's so going to explode! Then watching Adie be a big sister BAM again! Explode! Just seriously love being a Mommy and I truly feel so lucky!

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