Monday, March 16, 2015

For Her Easter Basket

Happy Monday Friends!

Mondays have become my favorite days of the week! Eric's work schedule is Tuesday - Saturday and Sunday we are always busy with chasing Adie around trying to get her out of her princess pajamas and into a dress before we are late for church! So Mondays are our fun days with the three four of  us! Today was such a beautiful day and I am so lucky to be able to capture it all! We had a few appointments and ended up at Cheesecake Factory with some friends and absolutely LOVE the Adam's Cheesecake with all the whipped cream they will give me! Stopped by Peek Kids since we were at Fashion Place so we had to! Picked up these cutest stinking shorts ever since the weather calls for sunshine the rest of the week and filled my punch card and got a FREE graphic tee! Totally reason 561869 why I love that place! 

I cannot believe Easter is just two short weeks away! Every year holidays just get better and better! Adie's excitement is so contagious! I bought some Easter eggs for my lesson at church and she giggled so much when she opened the egg to find candy inside! So fun ... they are now potty treats, which she is a complete rockstar and I am so proud of her! It's like a light just clicked and she was done with diapers and I am so ok with that! And having a few months of saving money on the usual Target run to grab a box and everything else that Adie throws in the cart! 

But I gathered a few things that would be perfect in her little basket and I am obsessed with the golden egg! How fun is that to hunt and see what fun surprise is inside! I love anything super soft and snugly and that lamb kills me with cuteness! Books are always a plus and since Jennifer Adams books are hardback she can't rip the pages out which she'll actually get to read it more than once! She is in love with her little people that are princesses and what's even better, Ariel and her friends! Adie is so obsessed with having her nails and toes painted and these new fun Hawaii colors from OPI are the best colors for Spring! Totally getting ready for Earth Day with that cute tee and even the book works too! I love showing Adie things that will make a difference and even better a difference to the world! You can see what we planted last year here for Earth Day!

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