Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Birthday Planning

We have 13 weeks 6 days 4 hours 41 minutes and 34 seconds until our sweet babes turns three and I am already bawling and excited! Birthdays are my thing and I love planning them and this year Adie picked a princess themed party! Which she is obsessed with right now, since Papa sent a few movies over for rocking potty training, she is even more so in love! She watched Aladdin for the first time and was glued. I love simple now yet totally perfect and I am dying over that little frog with a crown. Have you guys seen all the awesomeness with naked cakes?! I love them and it will totally go perfect with her birthday party! I love the colors purple and gold with a little bit of pink! I have the best idea for favors for her little princess friends and cannot wait! Just need to get creative on what to do with little princesses at a party, maybe a princess movie outdoors, a dance off, or a magical adventure through the forest. Heck it's a party we might as well do all of it! I totally plan on making her a flower crown too for her birthday and I am practicing for Easter. I think I totally got this. Cannot wait!

Last year's party [you can see more here and here] was a complete favorite and will treasure that day forever! This year I found this stinking cute pink bike and am dying to get it for her and of course add a little basket so she can carry all her Barbies and friends can go wherever she goes! Which that means Mommy needs one too and I totally want a beach cruiser since I just know we will be beach bums one day! She's really into Barbie's too right now and Rapunzel Barbie sleeps with her every night! And I have my eye on these stinking cute sheets from PBK for her big girl bed which totally goes with her princess love! I cannot believe she will be three soon and we will have our little stud  here too which is even more fun! Cannot wait to see them together which I am sure my heart will explode 546186 times a day and I am sure the same amount of tears! 

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