Friday, March 6, 2015

Arizona Trip Part Two

TGIF guys! Today the sun is finally out and we are headed to be outside for most of the day! So here's a little more of what we did in Arizona and how I miss the Palm Trees and for sure that constant sunshine that kisses your face!  

Adie woke me up early on Eric's birthday while we were in Arizona and I think she was just ready to party! 4 am was actually pretty stinking cute! She climbed up and snuggled for a minute and then climbed back in her little bed! Didn't last long since she was thirsty and comes up to me with the sweetest little voice ever. I grabbed her left over chocolate milk from the fridge and brought it to her and she took one sip and said: "No Mommy, orange juice!" Girl knows what she wants even at four in the morning! 

A Happy Birthday to our Guy! We went to a new restaurant one of my Ma's client owns, the Oink! It was pretty good. French toast is a must for me and Adie devoured the bacon! Literally left none for anybody else! It was hilarious watching her grab each piece and wood chipping it into her little mouth! So if you are ever in Tucson make sure you head over there and try their jalapeno bacon! Which I hate bacon but everyone else LOVED it!

We spent the day at my sister's pool at her new place and we were the only ones splashing in it! Well just Adie and Tucker! I couldn't get enough sunshine and neither could our little stud! Makes me crave summer even more, baby boy will be here, the sun goes down at like 10:30 at night and the summer is where we come alive! Looking forward to our usual canyon BBQ's, dinners by the pool, and tan lines that last all year long! Which Adie still has hers from summer last year and I die every time she hopes in the tub! The water was cold but kids do not care, they just have fun no matter what! Totally can learn from them every day!

Hope you guys have a fun weekend!

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