Monday, March 2, 2015

Arizona Trip Part One

Arizona was good to us this trip and so was the food and sunshine! Our twelve hour drive went quick and Adie babes was an angel and totally rocked the road trip better than I did! :) I just recently got braces ... right?! and I am sorry for what I said when I was hungry is my new motto until that Hollywood smile is mine! I have gotten over the braces part but not the not eating peanut M&M's! DYING!!! So if you have any recommendations I am ready for them to make the next eighteen months a breeze! But we made it to Arizona and was so excited to see everyone!

Our little babes got her first haircut and she was the stinking cutest thing ever! Tried a ton of new places and our first night there we tried Cheddar's scratch kitchen. handmade food. exceptional value is what this place was full of! I tried their Baked Spasagna. Spaghetti layered with cheeses and spices and baked with meat or marinara sauce. Totally worth it and loved everything about it! I am a huge pasta lover and Italy is screaming my name to walk on their cobble streets and eat spaghetti every meal! 

If you guys ever make it to Tucson you have to try the best sandwich place ever. Baggins! I have always loved this place and totally miss it! But we grabbed some lunch and made our way to Sabino Canyon which the weather was stinking so perfect! Adie was in heaven since we've been playing the game of where's the cactus or palm tree! Every time I go I always learn something and I had no idea that saguaro cactus weigh tons! A lot of history in Sabino Canyon even my Dad has fun stories and love making memories with our girl! The water was freezing but I swear kids don't even care and of course she had to throw rocks in the water and she loved it! Such a fun day!

We woke up super early and went to the Rodeo parade where it was freaking packed. Adie's favorite was the girl's in the dresses and I was all about the Mexican food after! After we pretty much wrestled and got Adie dressed we hung out and watched horses, ate donuts and made it to a lunch buffet with all the tortillas you can eat! Love this little place Rigo's downtown and how authentic everything is! I haven't found tortillas like that yet! 

Made it to the mall, of course! Picked up a few things that I totally had to have! I love finding fun stuff at new stores! My Hubby will never understand unless maybe you compare it to a new nintendo game maybe!?! Love the Palm Trees and of course we had to take a picture and Adie points them out now where ever we went! Not to mention I am loving my new birks and if you are pregnant they are a total must! I am obsessed and will be a forever buyer! Stopped by another fun Mexican place for dinner and it was just what our little stud needed!

Cheers to Arizona and sunshine memories!

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