Monday, March 9, 2015

Arizona Trip Last Part

Spending time in Arizona with family is literally the best! It was such a fun trip and like all trips they go way too fast! I got to celebrate our little stud with family and friends and had the best time and of course the Mexican food! Getting the cutest little boy stuff makes me even more excited for summer and this little guy! So stinking cute! Adie had a blast eating salsa, telling my long time friend what to do, and even bossing Papa around! Being in Arizona makes me miss my family that much more and the sunshine ... killer!  Not to mention got the best mini chimis recipe from my Aunt and cannot wait to make them and make 15468146 dozens so I don't have to cook anything this summer! Ha!

I love any parties or whatevers to be at a restaurant! Especially a favorite! The chips and salsa at On the Border are the best ever! Look for their chips at the grocery store! But not to mention it's easy and no clean up really ... just eat. laugh. cry. and take a bunch of pictures! 

I cannot believe how grown up Adie looks and I know she will look even older when our little stud gets here! Her little personality is by far my favorite ever at this age! She is so full of life and spunk!

Grace, I freaking heart your guts!!!

Got the stinking cutest mustache stuff ever! This onesie totally made me bawl and I cannot wait to snuggle our stud and have the funnest times! Seriously the best sisters ever and I love my blanket that we'll snuggle him in always!

Love you guys and thanks for celebrating our little stud!

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