Monday, February 9, 2015

Sun Kissed Skin

Happy (lazy for us) Monday! I stayed up way to late and didn't want to get out of bed so Eric grabbed Adie and we snuggled for a little longer! Rainy day schedule calls for going out for breakfast, forts, popcorn and tickles that make you burst! This weekend was pretty uneventful, made our usual trip to the mall and picked up a baby shower gift and of course had to stop by Peek Kids! Adie knows she gets spoiled when we go in there! Suckers and bouncy balls for the win, until she's chasing them down the mall on a Saturday! Nothing is more fun then going to our favorite spot for lunch and just enjoying the fact that we can and do! Adie is a little firecracker now and dances everywhere she goes, so Cheesecake Factory not only got lunch but a show too! I order my usual salad and can never go wrong with their stuffed chicken tortillas if you haven't tried them! Had dinner with family and just getting excited for a fun week and a trip to Arizona at the end of the month for our little stud's shower! Tomorrow I am so excited for a fun event at Albion Fit at City Creek for Valentine's and a party!

Nothing is worse than that breakout that wont go away and this pregnancy they are sticking around and it's making me crazy! I have tried a few face washes and beauty tricks but this by far is my favorite ever! I have come to terms with you get what you pay for with skin care! Really have to take care of your skin and half of the stuff out there is actually not helping it! I used Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford before our wedding and loved it and then I stopped ordering it and went back to the store bought whatever! But, this new stuff has literally changed everything for me! Rejuvity is my new favorite for that sun kissed look! Anti-aging never looked better and I am hooked you guys! It has helped clear up this pregnancy's breakouts and my skin has never been softer! I love how my makeup goes on perfect after I use it combined with my Clarisonic! The Clarisonic literally gets everything off and I always thought I scrubbed my face good, even with an exfoliating scrub! So if you guys are in the market for a new face cleanse, anti-aging anything let me know!

Nothing is better than a bath full of bubbles and Adie agrees! We fill the tub with lots of water and even more bubbles for the softest skin ever! I add her aveeno night bath wash in it and she sleeps like a little baby and tries to blow bubbles! She is seriously my favorite thing ever and watching her just makes you smile so big! I need to wear a go pro on my head all day to capture her adventures! We're totally getting ready for summer and cannot wait!

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