Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Spring Fever Style

Yesterday was the perfect day to be outside getting kissed by the sun! So we had to gather a few of our favorite snacks and have a picnic and Adie was giggles the entire time! She packed up her little Easter basket she found in my closet (I know, we're Spring cleaning) and put her must haves in it and we were ready! Not sure what she was going to do with s few movies but they made it into the basket! I always love a good 'fashion' post and this girl is looking way too grown up! As you all know I love Peek Kids and everything they stand for! The quality of their clothes is exactly what works for this babes and not to mention she rocks it!

These leggings were a must and you can see more of what we love here. I am a huge believer in affordable and cute, so I always buy a favorite shirt from Peek and pair it with some fun leggings, skirt or shorts from another favorite place like GAP Kids or even Old Navy! Makes the entire outfit work and works for our budget! Don't get me wrong I would just die to have everything in Peek Kids for Adie and lets not get started on Nordstrom for me! Until then we are keeping it simple and totally doable! This girl can really rock anything, she insists on staying in her princess pajamas or her dance outfits, which I don't blame her because right now I want to live in sweats so I don't have the battle of 'I have nothing to wear" every day!

Picked up a few cookies from our favorite spot Smart Cookie and added with my must have replenish drink makes for the perfect semi healthy snack! Seriously so good, even Eric likes it! He always makes me try new things and the moment I ask him to try something he's full of no's and he actually just tried this and said he liked it! Total win for me! :) 

local music tee | flower leggings (sold out similar here) | sweater | bow 

Check out Sequins and Sandcastles for another way to style these stinking cute leggings and not to mention her daughter is ADORABLE!

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