Thursday, February 5, 2015

Love Is Everywhere

You guys, love is in the air and plastered all over and I am obsessed! Pink everywhere you go with hearts and love ... love this month! Not only do we get to love on our guy but his birthday is at the end of the month too, two times the love! I have been dying over my little babes lately ... we checked out a dance studio for her to start dance and of course, fell in love. I picked up a few cute little outfits and she brought to me the cutest little wings and said "Mommy purple" with the stinking cutest ever smile and I said let's get 'em! And she hasn't stopped wearing them since and that was on Monday! If I could rock wings I totally would too! She'll dance in them, play her favorite games in them, eats breakfast and not to mention taking them off for the first time for nap was heart-breaking!

Gathered a few things for any lucky girl this Valentine's Day! I love surprises but I also love getting things you've been swooning over too! I am always a fan of a fun graphic tee and this one is perfect for this month and really any day! I have been drooling over these instant cameras, which I already have two really nice cameras (thanks Hubby) but this one does so much more, right?! ;) I exchanged a pair of shoes the other day at Nordstrom and Adie helped pick out these sandals which I love and have been thinking about those white ones ever since! Nothing haunts you like the things you didn't buy!!! (true story) I love anything that says I am a Mama, which literally has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! So that mama bracelet is exactly what I would wear every single day! Nothing beats a new pair of sunnies and a super cute water bottle for summer since we are so eagerly waiting to splash in the pool! Cannot wait, so much will happen in June, I just might burst!

Cheers to love and we're ready for the weekend!

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