Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lots Of Love

We have been doing a few things we love today and now we are both (baby boy too) ready for naps! Last night I went to an event at Albion Fit with Hello Tosha and Alison from The Alison Show I follow on Instagram! They totally taught us how to be cute with writing and I am still practicing! But they are the sweetest group of people ever and sent us home with all kinds of goodies a total win in my book! A night out with just my little stud is just what this Momma needed even if it was only for a couple of hours and I was late, totally just need a Dr. Pepper! :) I got all of our goodies out to make Valentine's and Adie is by far the cutest thing ever! She seriously has my heart and she has no idea! 

We made our favorite white chocolate popcorn that I cannot stop eating and is so addicting! Super simple to make, on a piece of aluminum foil spread out your favorite popcorn, then add mini pretzel sticks & rice chex cereal. I drizzle on a little or a lot of white almond bark and add some fun sprinkles. So easy, right?! And like I said so addicting especially for this preggo momma! The salt, crunch and chocolate are to die for and we just throw it in our favorite glass jars and keep it on the counter for easy access! 

She was obsessed with the stamps and laughed the entire time she used them, which got everywhere but totally worth it! I love her sweetness and how she totally concentrates when she draws flowers! This girl can snack and draw for hours which makes us need a break and head outside! I never laughed so hard watching her feed the ducks and run around yelling "ducky" and eating their bread and then throwing them some pieces! It has been so nice and sunny and cannot wait to head to Arizona for even warmer weather! Eric's birthday is at the end of the month and I have no idea what to plan for him or even what to get him! I think guys are so hard to shop for and even more so my guy! Adie still insists we get him something purple! 

Not to mention her little Olive You baseball tee still fits and looks so stinking cute! Of course I have a matching one :) and we spent a couple of hours outside and walked 863476 miles, feels like it when you're 25 weeks pregnant! And right now I need a nap, so cheers to spring like weather in February and doing things we love!

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