Friday, February 6, 2015

Dance + Some Favorites

Happy Friday! We are so excited for the weekend to spend some time with our guy! Everything is always better with him and here's proof: Eric showed up to Adie's dance and she lite up and yelled "Dadda" and waved to him! Freaking cutest thing ever, she so loves his guts! We have dinner plans tonight with family and tomorrow is Adie and Mommy date and I look forward to them every week! She's just a blast to spoil and I am sure everyone thinks I am crazy because I always have my camera out! Dance class was so fun and I think I got more of a workout than she did dance! I instantly died over her cuteness and excitement so we'll be going every week! She was not thrilled about galloping with the horse but she cleaned the floors with him instead! After class we went to Chipotle where she still danced and was obsessed with rearranging the chairs. Eric's idea of going to the store and have Adie push her own cart and let me tell you ... she ran everywhere with that cart! Killed me the whole time watching her run and bump into everything, we knocked a couple cakes off no big deal!

I have been making our kitchen a space you want to be in and totally love these latte bowls and not to mention these measuring cups  and this beautiful painting  would work perfect in our little space to bring the ocean to us! I love the blues for our kitchen besides all of my baking stuff, it's pink. Super Bowl Sunday I tried a few new recipes which now are a favorite and totally perfect for any game night or just a date night in with the Hubby! This recipe for taquitos were the perfect snack for the entire game and the bean dip with these potato wedges were another favorite and I'm not sure how I feel about the half time show or even the commercials! We were looking forward to half time and the bean dip and the dip didn't let us down!

Being pregnant and finding the best tees are crucial for comfort and this one is a new favorite and can totally pair it with a skirt, total chic pregnant look! I have been loving my new sandals Adie helped me pick out and will totally be getting these before we head down to Arizona since they are having eighty degree weather right now! 

Adie usually sleeps in her diaper because she is our little hot chocolate but these pajamas are the stinking cutest and she totally bawled when we took them off to get ready for the day! She has been getting so attached to her outfits and still her little wings! This little one-piece for our little stud has be dying to meet him! 

Have the best weekend and hope you guys are somewhere warm!

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