Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Fun Weekend

This weekend was a blast and and being with my two favorites can never be beat! (maybe on the beach with them) Friday night Eric spoiled us with my new favorite steak place Longhorn and I seriously could eat there every stinking night! I don't ever buy or eat wheat bread but that bread is amazing and Adie didn't complain one bit! She even insisted on putting the butter on her self after pushing her dinner back to the waitress! Saturdays I have been making sure it's a fun day for Adie (who are we kidding and me too) so we can keep our girly dates for when our little stud gets here! She seriously makes everything so much more fun and totally teaches me to live life in the moment! 

So we went to our favorite mall and I exchanged a pair of shoes for some sandals that Adie helped me pick out, we really want summer! I have been wearing them around the house so when it's finally warm enough outside they will be the most perfect pair! I will for sure be getting a few more pair, just love birkenstocks! Peek Kids never disappoints like you guys already know. She knows she gets her bouncy ball and sucker and this time she even scored some story time! Freaking cutest thing ever and not to mention that little pink pouf, we need!!! Bought her the cutest little princess crown and sweater! And can't forget our little stud, picked up this tee and can't wait for him to wear it! Headed to our usual lunch spot where she did not like the hostess and threw the menu twice and totally was giving her the stink eye so she finally left! Eric popped in and joined us which made for the perfect surprise! Every day should totally be spent doing fun stuff and making the best memories!

Nothing beats my new waffle maker I got for Christmas from Eric so we have been making breakfast a little extra special every morning and I think it's our little stud's favorite! Crate and Barrel you are rad and thanks for making our mornings that much better! Today I took Adie over to Utah Dance Artists and instantly fell in love and we start dance class on Thursday! I am not sure who is more excited me or her! Picked up a few outfits for her to rock and she picked out purple wings and is a complete doll! How can you ever say no!? She freaked out when it was time for nap and tried everything to keep them on and it totally breaks your heart. Ma no!!! with tears 46316 times really makes it hurt but I managed to get them off so she can wear them again and again! This week we're keeping it a little low key since next week I am super busy with baby showers, craft night with Albion fit, and some awesomeness at the end of the week! So looking forward to getting out there and making new friends! Plus Arizona (warmer new sandal weather) looks like we'll be visiting you shortly and celebrating our guy's birthday. 

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