Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wish List Spring Style

We have been busy with the usual; dance parties, indoor picnics for lunch, breakfast in bed, a couple time outs, getting healthy, Dr. appointments and a ton of belly laughs! If anyone is experiencing an ear rupture I am so sorry and I will totally send you a get better package right now! They hurt so bad, so this Momma is on some antibiotics and looking forward to Spring! I cannot wait for blossoms and sunny days to be outside and get fresh air (every day). Being inside this winter with Adie I think we are both going a little crazy for the sunshine! She has been playing addicted to WiiU Mario Brothers because she plays as Peach which she calls Adie then she moves on to Eric's 3Ds (the one she smeared lipstick all over) and insists you help her through the hard parts by saying "peaaase mom, peaaase mom, mommy peaaase" 564326 times! 

I am so thrilled for Spring this year, which also means our little stud will be here before you know it! I have been working on his little registry and cannot wait to share it! Now that we know baby #two is a boy I have been on the hunt for anything boy! When I had Adie everything was girly from the bottles to the softest blankets ever so I have found a few things that stay within our colors! He is a wild guy and I think he never sleeps! I still think the fact that we can make babies is genius and so far out at the same time! Simply an incredible miracle! So I gathered a few things to introduce us to Spring and I am swooning over those sandals, like drooling! I cannot wait to grab a pair for the both of us! Love the floral pants and truly need them in my size too, and let's not even get started on those polka dot shorts! GAH! I am loving that little think BIG onesie for our guy and right now that's all we should be doing, think big and dream bigger! Love it and obsessed with that little car! Which I am sure Adie will insist it's hers but our little Stud will love it best! 

I have been working on myself this pregnancy with making sure I eat a little healthier and kick those bad habits so my little babes don't pick them up! I still LOVE Dr. Pepper and we will always have a connection but water is my new best friend and I love Acqua Panna. I love the taste because I don't like sparkling water, too fizzy for me but this is just what any pregnant mommy needs! Plus it makes your kitchen look pretty too and has saved me this pregnancy since water can get pretty boring when you need a little kick start! Today I am trying a new bean dip recipe to make sure it's perfect tasting for the super bowl! And I will attempt to make some potato wedges to kick off the game half time! What are your favorite snack or go-to's for the big game!?

Happy hump day friends and cheers to Spring arrivals!

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