Monday, January 12, 2015

Wish List Baby Room Style

Today has been a gloomy rainy day which leads to baby boy's room wish list! I have decided on grey and aqua blue for his room! I think his room will be eclectic like Adie's is because none of the themes seem to fit my personality so we'll wait for him to decide. I am thinking of maybe a little beach inspired room for our stud, which I will do a lot of painting to keep the color pallet simple and all boy! I have and always will be a huge fan of Pottery Barn Kids and everything they have just makes any space that much more perfect! Not to mention The Land of Nod is by far the cutest thing ever for babies and kids!

I love that chair and even more so those moments we'll have when they are oh so little and want to be snuggled! I love the idea of pendants instead of lamps because I swear Adie's lamp has hit the floor 49835 times and I am surprised it still lights up! Still keeps the lighting soft for long nights or story time. The crib is just like Adie's but hers is white so I am hoping we can paint it to be kid friendly and save the money for more important things like his wardrobe! 

We went to one of our favorite pizza places today and it's been a rainy get things done kind of day! We finally took down the Christmas tree and how things open up and feel fresh now! Adie is back to herself saying happy happy a million times and singing when she is supposed to be napping but I love hearing it! We have a lot going on already this year and am so excited for all of it! Looking forward to taking a prenatal yoga class and having Adie dance the afternoons away in her own little dance class! Her recitals I know will be a freaking blast and will so be recorded and totally worth watching 465760 times every day! Looking forward to a healthy lifestyle too, needing the energy to keep up with this sweet babe and our little stud! Hope you guys are having a sweet start to the New Year!

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