Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pop Fizz Wink

Happy New Year's you guys! Hope you have started things of sparkly and with a little less expectations! We stayed home to ring in 2015 and I was totally okay with that and baby #two has officially popped out!

We (me and Adie) were a total hot mess this New Year's Eve! Adie was fighting an ear infection and not eating, I couldn't stop blowing my nose and coughing which led to falling asleep at 9:30! Waking up five minutes until the ball dropped so I woke Eric up to for that big fat New Year's Kiss! Last year we made New Year's Resolutions and I think the only one we stuck to was going to the beach and it was more business than fun! So this year I just picked a word that I want 2015 to mean and I chose the word, NOW.

Now is the time to be happy. Now is the time to create complete freedom, of everything! Now is the time to get rid of clutter and unwanted junk. Now is the time to be happy and to be in the moment! Now is the time to choose me and be okay with it! Now is the time to be my healthiest for me and my family! Now is the time to be stress free and try yoga! Now is the time to grow and discover what I am capable of. Now is the time to create a legacy only Adie and Baby #Two will truly understand! Now is the time to live and love like never before! Now is the time!!!

You can find these cute Happy New Year printouts here! Love that we can document a little bit of last year and have a few things we want to do to make the new year sparkle and shine! It's not to late to fill out yours! :)

Thumbs up to two thousand fifteen!

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