Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year Thoughts

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A few of my favorite times from last year! There were so many to choose from especially in the summer (totally my season) but I couldn't be more thankful and completely grateful for a two thousand fourteen year that made me stronger! I am so excited for what 2015 has to offer and can't wait to celebrate a little family of four! 

Eric took Adie on a Valentine's date to breakfast and it completely melted my heart! Any time with family is always the best especially since they live in Arizona! Had the funnest Mother's Day with my girl and nothing could make me happier than being a Momma! The summer kickoff and that first moment the toes hit the water ... totally worth the wait! Adie's birthday was a huge highlight of 2014 and loved celebrating how special she is to us and everyone who came! We skip the trauma to a fun time at the beach and I think San Diego has a house waiting for us!!! I always love anything birthday and this past birthday I think by far has been my favorite ever!!!!!!!!! Announced the special news of baby number two which is a BOY!!! you can read more about baby boy here :) and always Christmas is so fun and worth the hustle and bustle!!!

I always compare myself to others on social media which is a huge habit I must break and in the real world called life, stuff happens! Especially for me this last year which is why I have the attitude of, you take one day at a time this year! Like today, right now our place is a mess with Adie toys everywhere, I probably need to vacuum and there is a pile of stuff that needs boxed up on the counter and thrown into storage! But. I danced with Adie, called all her favorites, played kitchen and she built the tallest ice cream cone, and she put the entire container of chapstick on her lips and I watched her dance and smiled and even laughed the entire time! So here's to celebrating what's important, making memories that will last forever since they grow up so dang fast!!! Thanks for another great year and totally love your guts! Seriously!

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