Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Lipstick Girl

I never leave the house without my favorite lipstick and now my girl is the same! Yesterday was a day of doctor appointments, phone calls, messes, dance parties and lipstick. I was on the computer and Adie's movie ended and she was dancing until she wasn't. I found our sweet babes with lipstick everywhere. My shoes. the couch. her little princesses. her Daddy's 3DS. sparkly all over her face and an empty tube of lipstick. How does that even happen?! She literally cracks me up, so she ran into the kitchen and grabbed a towel and started cleaning off her princesses and was so proud of how clean she got them! Today we have chapped lips and our little place is back to it's clean chaotic place we call home!

 I am so ready for the sunshine and warm weather! And not to mention meeting our little stud! I have been seeing the cutest swim out right now and even though 50 degrees feels like summer right now I cannot wait to get my toes in the water! Love that I can finally shop girls and boys since we are having a little boy! Nothing beats a little beach bum and my little Adie babes! I cannot wait for beach days filled with sand, laughter and the smell of the ocean (that and sunscreen) ... really need to retire and raise little beach bums :) I always wanted a little smoothie hut on the beach and call it ROCKS on the BEACH with a little Lisa's in front of it! Perfect, right?! Looking forward to another date with my girl this weekend, I think since baby boy will be here before you know it, Saturday's will be for my girl and I to spend together and make the best memories! I just don't ever want her to grow up! Here are a few of our favorites for this summer which we are so looking forward to!

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