Saturday, January 10, 2015

Half Way There

We're at 20 weeks and we're celebrating!!! Cookies have been a huge must have this pregnancy and nothing is better than a cookie topped with ice cream! So we decided to make today special and eat more cookies! It feels like I should be in week 32, feels like I have been pregnant forever. Looking forward to our little stud's arrival this summer and being pregnant for the second time is out of pure love and a little less patience! This past week has flown by and if it gets us closer to summer, I am all in! The air here has been horrible so we have been staying inside, a few princess movies, a ton of lego building, the best dance moves, and the biggest belly laughs! Looking forward to picking a name for our little guy and finding little must haves for his little nursery! Saw the cutest thing on Pinterest (follow his board here) to do for the changing table, so that will be a project for warmer weather! 

 Hello Tee (on sale)

How far along? 20 weeks, Baby is the size of a small cantaloupe Cafe Rio salad!
Total weight gain/loss: Since last month +/- 6 pounds I think according to the Dr's scale
Maternity clothes? Still in my sweats at home and have bought a skirt a size bigger that I love so not really!
Stretch marks? No, still using my Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream.
Sleep: Sleeping great, maybe not so much for Eric, since he says I snore now!
Best moment this week: Celebrating Baby Boy with family at a new favorite restaurant!!! 
Movement: So much movement and even Eric can feel the little punches on the outside, which makes things way more fun!
Food cravings: I'm not sure if I have any actual cravings but I'll never pass up chips and salsa!
Have you started to show yet: Baby BOY is out for show! I had a lady say it looks like a mosquito bite, made me laugh!
Gender prediction: It's a BOY!!! You can read more about our little stud here!
Happy or Moody most of the time: I feel extremely emotional since finding out it's a boy!
Looking forward to: Warmer weather and sunkissed afternoons, I am already done with Winter!

Hope you guys are having the best weekend! Cheers to half way!

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