Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wish List for the New Year

With our sick little babes we have been laying low (on the couch) the last few days and I think it's finally catching up to me. I am fighting it with my new favorite Vicks Puffs with lotion tissues a few caramello chocolate bars and some orange juice if Adie has left me any! Nothing is worse than seeing your little girl sick well that and taking down the Christmas tree! I cannot believe how freaking fast time goes, Christmas has come and gone and now New Year's!!! So excited for a New Year full of dreams to come true, baby #two and one kick ass summer! I have a fun post for you guys tomorrow with one of my favorite dips I have been craving which will be perfect for any New Year's Eve party!

I love finding things for Adie and baby #two and I am so stinking excited for January 5th which will determine if I need even more girl's clothes or start shopping for a little stud! Loving anything for the hair these days since Adie's hair is so long and she looks so grown up with it down which is a nice change from a ponytail! Number two I have been swooning over forever now and I am debating if I should get her one of these or a flower crown for when baby #two arrives! As a special big sister must have, so she feels just as loved!  Not to mention that born in 2015 onesie is a big must along with number twelve, so our girl can twirl and dance all day long!

1. I love beanies with a little poof on top! The sparkles make me want one in my size! Old Navy
2. Love this darling headband that would go with any outfit! A Tiny Arrow
3. Can't be too ready for summer and this one piece is adorable! J.Crew
4. Love stripes and this looks like it would pair perfect with #8 and of course thirteen! Old Navy
5. Shoes are always cute when they come in baby small sizes and these are adorable! J.Crew
6. Totally making sure we get one, just need to wait until after we know boy or girl! Old Navy
7. Love this bright tee, it's like saying winter is gone hel-lo spring!!! J.Crew
8. These leggings are so cute and Adie is need of a new legging collection, so these are perfect! Old Navy
9. Anything from this lady is perfection and I love how simple and chic this headband is! Charlie Cocos
10. The Dude! Just what we'll need if a baby boy is ours forever! J.Crew
11.These are so cute that I almost just bought them because!  J.Crew
12. Love love love this skirt and even better the price tag! Old Navy
13. Adie could totally master these babies and would be perfect with literally any outfit! Nordstrom

This picture has been cracking me up from when my sister was here! We went to a favorite restaurant and Adie was stoked about her apple juice and I probably ate my weight in chips and salsa! Seriously could live off of it and throw in a Dr. Pepper and I'd be set for sure! Makes me wish I had family that lived close so we could do everything fun together and laugh our heads off like we did! We miss you Aunt Kristal and Adie sure thinks you are the freaking best! Hurry back and come play!

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