Monday, December 15, 2014

Letters to Santa

Today has been filled with Santa, candy and a ton of laughter! Me and my sister took Adie to see Santa and she was her usual self and only listened to Santa and wants cookies. She is the best shopper ever and I am now on the hunt for a purple dress to surprise her with on Christmas morning! Cannot wait, her gifts keep coming in the mail and I am so excited to see her little face light up with excitement and pure joy! We wrote Santa a letter to let him know what she wants, needs, what she'll wear and read and what she would really love! Every letter sent to Santa, Macy's will donate one dollar to Make-A-Wish and I am stoked for Adie's wish that was sent today! Such a fun experience to be apart of.

A few thing this year that have caught my wish list for Santa, including that book that has the most delicious recipes ever in them! I have been on a cookie binge and it would be perfect for those days to snuggle up and eat our weight in cookies! I love a good simple pair of earrings, and one of my favorite pairs went through the washing machine and they haven't been the same since. Adie is a huge dancer which means we have music playing all of the time and right now we are stuck on the Christmas channel so this stinking cute (and pink) radio would be perfect for all of the dance moves she teaches me! Love the instant camera for those fun dress up days with my babes and a few memories that you really need instantly! These Yosi Samra slip-ons are amazing and I cannot wait to have matching ones with my girl! 

What's on your Santa wish list?!

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