Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Christmas 2014

We already miss Christmas and all of the excitement that comes with it. I swear every year gets better and better and this one sure tops them all! The only thing missing was my family but Face Time saved all of us!

We always spend Christmas Eve with Eric's Dads side of the family. We ate our Christmas dinner and I made enough rolls to feed everyone and Santa I swear! Ate enough to feel like I was nine months pregnant  and still ate pie with a ton of whipped cream! We opened presents and played our usual white elephant game and let me tell you a play station is everything I have ever wanted! So fun! I had bought Adie a purple dress and was too excited to give it to her for Christmas so we surprised her with it to wear Christmas Eve night and she was in Heaven! She was such a dolly I almost died, I would surprise her with a dress every day! She opened her one gift she gets on Christmas Eve and it was her HO HO pajamas which are totally perfect since all she has been saying is HO HO the last couple weeks! She went straight to bed without a bit of sass and put out cookies and milk cream soda for Santa, we thought he needed a little extra something! Santa's little helpers spent a couple of crazy hours putting together a little kitchen set that was for sure going to be just perfect in the morning! I think I was more excited and almost couldn't sleep until 2 o'clock rolled around and I was out waiting for Santa too!

Christmas morning was completely magical and every morning should be just that! She was the stinking cutest walking out with a huge smile and instantly giggled and picked up her new baby doll and so knew how to feed her that my heart almost exploded! She seriously is going to be the best big sister ever! Which we find out in a week if she will be getting a baby sister or baby brother! SO EXCITED! We ate breakfast, opened stockings and played with all of our new must haves we have been swooning over! I totally got spoiled and LOVE my new waffle maker, seriously Crate and Barrel can do no wrong neither can my Hubby! Waffles every stinking morning now!

We let her open all of her presents (she would have never opened any) before we had one more surprise for her so we said "No Peeking!" and Eric brought out her little pink kitchen set and put it in front of her for another magical moment! This is totally what all of the hustle and bustle is all about and it was perfect! It has me so excited for next year already with two!!! Papa and Nana sent her everything to have a fully stocked kitchen and she loves the toaster, it actually pops out the bread when it's done! She absolutely loved her Little Mermaid pajamas from Aunt Kristal and I captured it for sure! Her Aunt Dee Dee made the stinking cutest ever apron for when she's whipping something up in her new little kitchen! 

We woke up to a White Christmas and it was beautiful! After we went to visit Eric's Grandma Adie fell asleep on the way home, I almost did too! Christmas catches up to you and I can't nap unless everything is cleaned and organized so I skipped family nap! But we were putting the garage door down and she started to cry, she wanted to go play in the snow so we did just that! It was super cold and so fun watching her run around! Nothing snuggles and hot chocolate can't fix! 

The last few days have been bittersweet since Adie has been sick and the Christmas excitement is over! The wrapping, baking, cards, priceless smiles, and my two favorites made for the best Christmas yet! Eric got to feel baby #two kick and it really has sunk in that a sweet baby will be here this summer! By far the best gift this year!

Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas and have huge sparkly plans for New Year's!!! 

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