Thursday, December 11, 2014

12 Days of Christmas

With Christmas being just a few short weeks away I cannot help think of all the fun about to be had! First. we get to pick up my sister from the airport tomorrow and I am so excited to have her come and stay a couple of days and Adie totally thinks we are picking up Santa! Second. I threw together some ideas to do for our twelve days of Christmas, a few giving back to the community and a few for fun that I just know will make this year all that more special with our babes! We'll start with the Christmas parties on Saturday which we have two to attend and finish up with Adie's most favorite thing ever ... cookies! Hope your next few weeks are festive and full of everything from cookies to sparkly must haves.

1. Christmas Party! Everyone loves a fun party and usually there are cookies so I am totally there!
2. Write Santa a letter and Jesus a Happy Birthday letter.
3. Go see Santa and hopefully this year she loves him as much as she seems to.
4. Donate toys to the children's hospital and YWCA in our community.
5. Write a letter to this sweet girl in our community who just wants Christmas cards because this year might be her last Christmas and that's all she asked for.
6. Watch Elf and wear our snack necklaces and we'll I'll probably fall asleep!
7. Go and see Christmas lights. again. But we totally love it especially after our Maverik stop!
8. Make a sock monkey for baby #two and give it the best name.
9. Bring a friend lunch and I totally have my vote on Cafe Rio so we can have a bite too.
10. Make hot chocolate and snuggle to keep warm. Maybe round two of Elf.
11. Share the Christmas Gift 
12. Make Santa cookies purple cookies for HO HO HO according to Adie

 p.s. I got my shoes I ordered you can see them here and they are fabulous and then some!

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