Thursday, November 6, 2014

Staying Warm

Lately we have been catching up on every princess movie and taking care of one little sick girl. Nothing is worse than when little ones throw up and even more so when they throw up on you or in our case Eric! I always get into super-momma mode and get things all cleaned and Adie bathed and comfy and then it settles in and I almost gag myself! Poor thing! We bought the Maleficent movie I have yet to see and can't wait to get the chance to watch it! Target never fails us so we picked up a few things to make dinner more festive for the holidays coming up and I am already planning for the best summer ever come summer time! SO EXCITED! the OH JOY! collection is always the cutest and goes super fast so hurry down to Target and get at least one thing, your kitchen will totally thank you! Adie's favorite thing at dinner is to make sure she clanks glasses with everyone with a chhhheers! Love this age so much, I think I get Mom Mom at least 612456 times a day and she calls every guy Daddy and she has this thing where when she picks her nose and gets a boogie, Mommy gets it. She always gives them to me ... yihcky in Adie's words! 

It has been getting pretty cold here and I never seem to be warm enough until hot chocolate and warm furry hats are involved! I have been trying new recipes and this one by far is my favorite ever! Left over Halloween candy, here's the solution! Butterfinger anything is a must in my book! How fun would it be to make a recipe book of all the favorite things your kids love to eat so when they grow up they have those recipes!?!? Totally doing that! I bought Adie's first Christmas gift already and it totally has me in the Christmas spirit and I so badly want to put up her little tree and give her her gift! Ha! I am so bad at keeping the excitement a secret but you have to check out the Kate Spade and GAP Kids collection! Adorable as ever!!! Favorite time of the year for sure and even more so with our sweet little girl!

It totally feels like Monday but it's already Thursday so cheers to almost being the weekend!

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