Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby Anderson Number Two

You guys these last few weeks have been filled with gallons of milk, dozens of cookies and more naps than I can count! Baby Anderson # two will be here this summer and I literally cannot wait! This summer is going to be the best one yet! We are due with number two June 2nd which is just 28 short days before Adie's birthday so I think we will have to celebrate all month long! I love that we'll have two summer birthdays to celebrate and be kissed by the sun ... I am counting down the days already! But I do not remember being this tired with Adie and it seems like she has all the energy in the world and wants to explore and play nonstop, which I totally love most about her! This last week I finally feel like I can function without a nap, which is probably just the cookies! 

I saw this I'M SO PREGNANT tee from Hello Apparel based out of Arizona which I love even more and had to have it! So we set the camera on the usual self timer and crossed our fingers for a good one and sent them out to family to break the news of number two! I will for sure need this tee too for those days naps just don't happen and I need another dozen cookies! 

I gathered a few things that have been making these last couple months easier for everyone and really cannot live without! This pregnancy is already so different from when I was with Adie and I have huge hopes for another baby girl but would totally dig a cute little dude too! So being thirteen weeks these are for sure what have been the best things ever to get us through every tired, snug fitting jeans and a few meltdowns of my own days!

Sparkling Water in Bottles: I have been drinking water non-stop and it gets boring! I was used to a few trips down to the Maverik for my Dr. Pepper that gave you just what you needed! But since water it is ... drinking from a glass bottle sure changes things! I also have been drinking an energy drink that is completely organic and really does the trick!

The Second Baby Survival Guide: Covering everything from telling your older child about the new baby, to trying to organize your day with two in tow, this book will equip you for the exciting – and busy – journey ahead. Love it! The Second Baby Survival Guide can be found here.

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Milk: Have been a huge craving this pregnancy. Which is so unlike the last time and all I want to do is eat my weight in cookies! We all know where that will lead so I have been baking cookies and giving them to those special to us! When I am up at night watching my recorded shows of Scandal and Revenge nothing is better than a huge glass of milk and a few cookies!

Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick: I never remember acne last pregnancy and this stick has been saving me and on the days I actually make it out of the house! I roll it on those spots every time I am in the bathroom and it totally works!

Humidifier: The last couple of weeks I have been so stuffy which makes sleeping tough and all of the water too! But this humidifier will do wonders for everyone not just the pregnant one! Especially during these cold winter months! Adie had dry skin last year and a humidifier cleared it up overnight! So worth it!

Mustela Stretch Mark Cream: I know they say it is very much hereditary whether or not you get stretch marks but just to be sure this cream is amazing! I didn't get any with Adie but I doubt every pregnancy is the same so we'll be buying this every chance we get!

Your comfiest robe: Some days are just made for staying warm and comfy and even more so when you are pregnant! So I say go for it, snuggle up, watch your favorite show, get some cookies and relax, we've earned it after all! 

Cheers to TWO!


  1. Cool!! Congrats to you and your sweet family! Wondered where you were! Missed your blog posts :)