Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Adie & Baby Christmas Wishlist

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week and then that means we only have 27 shopping days until Santa shows up! Last year watching Adie's face light up when she saw the tree Christmas morning was magical! I cannot wait for this year to see her sweet little face and hear her excitement squeals! I swear holidays with kids just rock! I have come up with a few things for Adie & Baby this year because why not start early for number two! I did the same thing with Adie before she was born, just filled a stocking with little goodies makes shopping that much more fun! 

I actually bought this little fuzzy reindeer from our favorite store Peek Kids for baby two since Adie already has one and now somehow it has become hers. She loves it like crazy and we'll have to grab another one, which totally is ok because everything in that store right now is to die for and they are so sweet to my Adie! I love hair accessories and think you can never ever have enough and Charlie Cocos are simply amazing! I love anything palm tree and beach so this tee would totally be a must! I have been debating on what to get Adie has her Santa gift and it's between a kitchen set or a baby [which every doll and stuffed animal gets wrapped up like a baby and we have to give them 56234 kisses a day] and buggy, both she would freak out and love! But either way this little mixer set is a must, she gets so excited helping me in the kitchen that this would be so perfect! 

I cannot believe how grown Adie is more like independent! She totally wants to get dressed by herself which usually is just  a skirt that twirls! I have been thinking of getting this amazing basket from PBK [which is on sale right now. eek] and filling it with skirts and crowns so she can have endless dress-up fun! 

Since we don't know if baby two is a boy or girl I have been sticking to more neutrals and I love the grey either way! This little hippo would be perfect for snuggles and sitting on our rocking chair! I love J.Crew onesies and how soft they are, nothing is better than snuggling a sweet baby in soft anything! This little lamb is so adorable and couldn't resist adding it to the list! I seriously love baby shopping!

What's on your Christmas wishlist this year for your little babes?! We always love the must haves!! Can't wait to eat lots of turkey and mashed potatoes and not to mention rolls!

Happy Hump Day Friends! 

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