Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wish List Fall Style

I have been so in a funk lately and it feels good to be back at it on Adie's Corner! I think it's the Fall air or the lack of pumpkin pie! I cannot handle the outfits this year for Fall that will have to be a must in Adie's closet! I have been cleaning out her closet and dresser and the girl has enough clothes to dress everyone her age! These are a few things I will be adding to her wardrobe and cannot wait to start taking pictures! I feel like since this summer she has grown up right in front of my eyes and I miss her! She is so full of adventure and spazz that she rocks every day with fun! Number 5 is so stinking cute since right now all that really matters is Princesses! I have some fun plans for Adie this next week to be festive and it starts on Sunday with our family pumpkin carving party! Can't wait! Do you guys have any fun traditions for Halloween?! I love the smell of Fall and pumpkins are always a must, with pumpkin pie and tons of whip cream. One of my favorite things ever is the crunchy leaves and I love that they come every year and Adie likes them as much as I do! I'm on the hunt for a matching hat (number 9) for a fun Christmas card idea that I hope the three of us can pull off! I love this time of year!

1. I am so obsessed with hats lately and even more so on Adie! GAP Kids
2. Honestly the cutest ever plaid shirt that will go perfect with number four! Carter's
3. I love these jeans and they always make it on the list! GAP Kids
4. Loving this color for Fall! Sweaters are perfect to stay warm! J.Crew
5. Since Adie is Princess obsessed than this is a complete must! Peek Kids
6. This bomber jacket is the perfect jacket! Love the faux fur! GAP Kids
7. You can never go wrong with a little camo! 
8. Love this color for Fall and Adie even loved trying it on so it's a must! GAP Kids
9. I am dying over this hat and have huge plans for Christmas cards with it! GAP Kids
10. Can never have too many sunglasses and baby Ray Bans OMG! J.Crew
11. Love this little dress paired with jeans or leggings for any outside adventure! GAP Kids
12. By far the most stylish jeans ever and I totally need a pair! GAP Kids

Am I the only one who gets this look 43560352 times a day!?! Some days we're still hanging on to the beach days with this sweater that I cannot yet dismiss from her wardrobe! It's perfect for those breezy Fall days too! She literally has captured my heart from day one and every day it almost explodes with love for this sweet babe! 

Hope you guys are off to a great start to the week!

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