Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wish List Baby Style

Seriously already Wednesday but hey never to late for a wish list! Seriously everything looks so much cuter in itty bitty sizes! I am swooning over everything from J.Crew's baby collection! Makes me want Adie to be a baby again! She was the best baby ever and not to mention her chunkiness captured my heart from day one! Everyone always says they grow up so fast and they were so right! My little chubby squishy beautiful baby grew up to be such a fun, smart, adventurous, sassy and still beautiful girl who still captures my heart every day! I've gathered a few things for boys and girls for you Mommies with little dudes :) 

Adie has been carrying her little monkey around like a little baby with her blankie and it's seriously the cutest thing ever! She even rocks him and gives him kisses and then the next minute she chucks him across the room! I don't get it! She really does love monkey! I think I have the perfect Christmas gift too for this little Mommy to monkey! Which we only have seven and a half weeks until Santa comes and that's crazy! I already feel behind ha ha!!! But totally love the hustle and bustle of the holidays!!! Tis' the Season!

1. I swear that's how guys would introduce their little boys! Love it!
2. I am totally dying over this sweater and I think it totally could work for both boys and girls!
3. These little sweats look so stinking comfy and any boy would look adorable in them!
4. These beanies were life savers for when Adie was a baby and now you  can get practically any style!
5. I love onesies to death and this is such a simple yet totally cute one!
6. I am totally getting these just to make sure we have them! LOVE!!!!!
7. I think this sweater is to freaking die for! This is another must for any princess!!
8. Loving the print on this little dress! Perfect with tights and a little vest!
9. Totally works for little boys or girls and who could pass this up!?!
10. These onesies look so soft and comfy that any baby would feel like snuggling all day!
11. I am a sucker for Palm Trees and this is no exception! 
12. I never got one of these for Adie but I have heard amazing things about this cute Giraffe!!!

The weather has been so nice lately so we had to take a family selfie! Threw the camera on a ladder and crossed our fingers Adie looked at the camera! I am loving Fall with a hat and totally could wear them every day especially on days you just don't want to do your hair! Tonight is our trunk-or-treat and Halloween church party and cannot wait to get Adie all dressed up and head out for a night full of candy! We've got to practice for the big day on Friday! I think my favorite part of her little costume is her skeleton candy bag! 

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