Thursday, October 9, 2014

the perfect jacket

I have been on the hunt for warmer clothes for our girl and we started off with this stinking cute jacket. I seriously love GAP Kids for anything for Adie! At first it was a nightmare trying to get her to try any on, Nordstrom: none, Peek Kids: none, then GAP Kids: meltdown and then tried it on and then didn't want to take it off so we could buy it! Really what goes on in a two year old's mind I cannot understand! The weather is just starting to cool down and the leaves are changing and I love it so. The crunchy leaves and the smell of Fall is the best. Every year we drive up the canyon here and take a picture at the same spot, the self timer camera sitting on the car picture but it's what we do! I have fun plans for Miss Adie tomorrow and we have been watching Sleeping Beauty ever since we picked it up earlier this week! Today that princess saved the day! Hope you guys all have fun Friday plans! 

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