Friday, October 24, 2014

Smart Cookie

We celebrated today the fact that we made it through another week and our weekend officially started! Saturdays have become Mommy and Adie days until Eric gets off of work which sometimes just means movie and pajamas so we'll be looking forward to that. I have had such a sweet tooth lately, just getting ready for all of Adie's Halloween candy! :) But if you are ever in Utah you have to stop by Smart Cookie and get a dozen of their sugar delicious cookies! I want to eat all of them at once but I know I'd totally regret it or not! Her reaction to when I opened the box was so fun and we all laughed she was thrilled and of course ate some of one cookie just to start another cookie! Today was a fun day buying new shoes for this babe who now wears a NINE! A NINE! She is only two and almost half! Nordstrom always has the cutest selections for any occasion so we picked up a couple for church and totally had my eye on her little Uggs we'll have to pick up soon! I have fallen in love with Peek Kids princess selection and this tee was no different! She has been calling every single prince Daddy and I think she's discovered that her Daddy is her Prince and totally gets him to do whatever she wants! 

Happy Weekend and wishing I could send you all  the best cookie ever!

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