Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fueled with a bag of M&M's

It's already Wednesday and the weather here has been beautiful and too nice to be locked up inside. We'll save that for winter! I haven't been getting any beauty sleep since Eric wakes up now at 5 o'clock and Adie wanted to read thirty stories last night and of course she was thirsty at almost midnight! So today a few M&M's are getting us through until nap time or I totally just jinxed ourselves for another bag! (both of us) Which every time the colors change we keep the huge jar on the counter festive and that reminds me we need to pick a few bags up. The peanut M&M's of course! 

As the weather gets colder I cannot wait to try this hot chocolate recipe and keep a full stocked hot chocolate bar always on the counter which I think Adie will just love adding the marshmallows or inhaling them when she just asks for two more! I love everything about being bundled up and staying warm and this winter that will surely do the trick! Speaking of trick Adie has been saying trick-or-treat and is so ready for more candy but I am sure when it comes time to ring the doorbell and say it she'll get shy and just grab the candy and run! Halloween is the kickoff to some of the best times of the year and some of the most freaking stressful, this year my vote is for less stress and more fun! 

Happy Hump Day Friends!

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