Friday, October 3, 2014

A trip with no service

A week away from our guy is way too long but I sure loved spending time with my girl! She is the best traveler ever! We made it to the airport just in time to board the plane and head to Phoenix. We landed and seriously was punched in the face with 102 degrees, Papa and Grandma picked us up and we made our way to my new little Niece Taylor! She is stinking so cute and fun! We had to bring her a headband and Adie loved holding her and giving her kisses! There's nothing like a sweet new baby!!!

Went to a few good restaurants, one which was Mexican of course! :) Loved the breakfast place Debri's we went to and being with family is the best part. Loved spending time with my nephew Tucker and watching him and Adie play! Adie sure got spoiled by Aunt Kristal with a couple princess dresses and of course jewelry that she insisted wearing and dancing around in! Love her guts! 

We went up to Big Lake for the day for some fishing. I watched made sure Adie didn't throw herself in the lake! She is seriously a pro at throwing the line out! Kills me! It was windy and cold but that didn't stop her from throwing thousands of rocks in the lake, get the line stuck and tangled, splashing in the biggest puddle she's seen and taking a few pictures with her Momma! 

Loved spending time with my sister who I don't nearly see enough! I'm not sure I would be willing to move close either, I was without phone service and it almost killed me! Not being able to text a million things to Eric or even check FB was so not like us but all in all it was better to spend that time with my family! Spent some time with my brother and helped him celebrate the BIG 3-0!!! Nothing makes you feel old than that! It was such a fun trip but it feels good to be home with our Guy! A week is too long without kisses and laughs with him! 

Hope you guys enjoyed your week so far and Happy Friday!!!

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