Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wish List Halloween Style

It is already Thursday and Fall has officially started as of yesterday and I am ready for crunchy leaves and everything that comes with it! Adie has been the funnest girl lately and has totally been our personal coach every day telling us "ready. set. GOOO" as we run all over the place and I am not going to lie she has more energy than I do right now and I am so glad that's changing! I have been running (and walking) working out and loving the nutritional system I am on. It totally makes you take a better look at what you're eating and more important what I have been feeding Adie! Made the best lettuce wraps last night and I will for sure post the recipe on here soon, I cannot wait for you guys to try them! If you follow us on Instagram (5472rocks) you've already seen a little sneak peek! Who would have ever thought eating healthy tastes so good! Halloween has creeped up everywhere and I am dying to throw a Halloween party Adie Style! How stinking fun is that!!! Who wants to come, let's do it! I ordered Adie's trick-or-treat bag since last year when I got around to do it they were sold out, so this year I am prepared, at least with a bag :)! 

1. Anything in a baseball tee looks comfy and would be perfect with some matching striped Halloween leggings!!! GAP Kids
2. Seriously so cute since Adie "meows" just like a kitty! Hello play dates! Pottery Barn Kids
3. These pajamas are so fun and makes me remember when she was itty bitty!!! GAP Kids
4. These candy bowls are so fun we might have to retire Frankenstein or just have more candy! PBK
5. I always love making lunchtime fun for Adie and these plates are perfect!!! Pottery Barn Kids
6. Loving this little witch tee which Adie is obsessed with saying hat so it'll be purrfect! Carter's
7. LOVE THIS BAG! Trick-or-Treat will never be the same when you have a HUGE bag!!! Pottery Barn Kids
8. This beanie is so fun since she is obsessed with hiding and then saying boo! GAP Kids
9. Love the PBK decor this year! Will have to keep this in her room as her nightlight! Which it's a major meltdown if we don't turn it on before we say goodnight! PBK
10. Another fun must have for festive lunches! Pottery Barn Kids
11. Can never have too many of anything books! These ones are my favorite too! Pottery Barn Kids
12. And can never go wrong with a little girly Halloween book! Pottery Barn Kids

Sweet Little Peanut and Pottery Barn Kids have teamed up again for another festive Halloween event and we are taking Adie this weekend!!! You can totally freak out over last years event here. I just know she will love everything and hopefully she'll want her cute little face painted! I have a few ideas for Halloween costumes and cannot wait to get started! Totally getting us into the feel of Fall which officially started yesterday and I need Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cakes!!! So delicious!!!! Since it's Thursday I thought I would add a little #tbt picture of her dressed up as a Lion and she was just that! She didn't want to trick or treat or even walk to the door, which I think I had a bigger meltdown since I wasn't getting any pictures! But a sucker cured everything and everyone just died when they saw her at the door. She totally would just grab the candy too, hand fulls! I made sure she got the milky ways :) This year will be just as adventurous since she is two and all and I can't wait to take more pictures! You can see more, here.

Miss Adie, the Lion

Happy almost Friday guys!

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