Sunday, September 21, 2014

We Love Sundays

Today is exactly what we and by we I mean I needed! It has been relaxing and busy at the same time! Woke up to misty rain and sat outside with Eric to wake up! Nothing is better than Eric's omelets and fresh veggies from the garden! Exactly what Sundays are made for! Adie brought me this skirt for her to put on and then she insisted Eric get her a tee so she could go play outside and I instantly fell in love with her style!!! She captured my heart all over again! She sure loves the puddles and not so much the little worms! I think she has seen one too many episodes of Princess Sofia because she now carries her skirts just the way they do when they walk! We've done lots of chocolate eating and pedicure doing and not to mention running outside! If you don't run, she totally yells at you to go and if you still don't run she comes up behind you and pushes you until you do! This day has represented exactly how every day should go, doing whatever the heck you want and if that means a few puddles than I'll take it! Watching Adie today makes me think a lot about when I was younger and the dreams I had! Am I living those dreams today? That's another post all in its own! My one dream for sure is to give this sweet amazing happy beautiful adventurous sassy loving daughter of mine the world! Cannot wait!

tee: J.Crew (old) this one is just as cute| skirt: Dear Lizzie Boutique (old) | boots: Nordstrom

Hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday like we are!

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