Monday, September 15, 2014

My Birthday Weekend

Honestly 31 is already looking a hell of a lot better than 30 and I freaking love it! I seriously have the best Hubby and sweetest daughter who spoiled me rotten! Came home from church to a full on birthday party with confetti and all! I love anything with confetti ... it's like the sprinkles on the sundae! I have always wanted one of those Clarisonic face cleaners and I am so excited to use and to hit up my new favorite store LuLu Lemon with my gift card!!! I can live in that comfy stuff! Totally felt like the birthday girl all weekend and that's exactly how every day should be! So stoked you guys! #birthdayliving 

The fair is always in town around my birthday and so of course we had to go with our little Adie babes! If you need a real good laugh come over and hang out with her and we'll go on all of the rides! I literally died and laughed so much Saturday night! She was a thrill seeker, so unlike her Momma!!! If you follow us on Instagram (@5472rocks) you've probably some of the fun already! She wanted to ride all of the rides but we insisted the kids ones are just as fun. We laughed and spinned for a couple hours and I would have not changed it for anything! I am still laughing you guys! Living out loud through your kids is the best!!! She was not a huge fan of cotton candy which really is a point for me! I love the stuff and she wouldn't even put it in her mouth! Had some Mexican food again and loved it and then started all over on Sunday!I just love being with my two favorites ... everyone else is a bonus :) and doing fun stuff! 

Happy Monday Friends!

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