Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Love September

I love everything about the month of September! My birthday month! Yay! Pumpkin flavored everything starts to appear and gets me so excited for crunchy leaves and snuggling with my two favorites! I have been doing pretty much whatever Adie wants this week since Monday is the start of my crazy ninety day challenge of complete wellness and I am anxious to see how much I grow in every area of my life! So we have watched Wreck it Ralph a few hundred times along with Brave and she sure has been up every night past her bedtime ... ice cream, macaroni & cheese have been on the menu and I secretly LOVE it! 

Plus when you see this face how can you honestly say no!? Which she says all of the time and I will tell her yes and she literally freaks out! Terrible two's are real! It's funny the things that make her breakdown and then she's completely over it in five seconds unless we are out of the house for everyone to see! Which then feels like hours! We are thinking of taking Adie to the Fair this weekend and I think she will just love it and the cotton candy! Cannot wait!  

Hope you guys are enjoying the first week of everything pumpkin and cooler weather!

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