Monday, September 1, 2014

5 things on my mind ...

1. Living my life with ease and living every day like it's my birthday is what excites me! The next ninety days is going to be crazy, adventurous, pushing myself to reach extraordinary goals and I cannot wait to see the new me! 

2. Bachelor in Paradise stole two hours (actually an hour and a half thanks to DVR) of my life tonight. I can’t believe I watch that crap. Actually, I can believe it. It just sounds better saying I can’t. :)

3. Adie. I have been thinking about everything with that girl! Does she do dance? Do I start pre-school early? Am I setting the best example for her? Is she stronger than I am? I always tell Eric that I want Adie to be a strong confident women when she grows up and how can she be if her one role-model has to work on that herself?

4. September is my birthday month and I totally should be celebrating all month long ... on the beach! :) I’m turning 31 in a couple of weeks and I’m already thrilled about it. I completely LOVE birthdays. I love the balloons, the cake, the people you spend it with, you get to pick the restaurants and just a day of fun and do whatever makes you happy! Being in my 30's [early] has me excited since it's the new 20's right?! Finally taking action to make me the best wife, mom, sister, daughter and all of that but most important the best me! Can't wait!

5. Have you read the Law of Attraction? I’m sure many of you have. I just started reading it and totally realized you have to work hardest on yourself before anyone. Who do you choose to be? Who are you willing to become? I cannot wait to finish this book and to get the life I have desired!

Happy September!

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