Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wish List Pajama Style

We are a little behind this week! Do you ever feel like you keep getting punched in the face and then you get back up again [totally singing right now] just to get punched again?! That has been me this last weekend and we're slowly getting our punching gloves on! We have been staying in our pajamas well after twelve o'clock and we don't even care! Especially with this weather we have been having ... I love the rain. the thunder. and everything just smells fresh and clean after a good thunderstorm! I do miss the monsoons back home sitting on the porch watching it down pour and it is a continued argument with my brother-in-law that we get monsoons here in Utah! 

I love getting all bundled up in your favorite pajamas. I feel like that's when I actually relax when I get into my favorite pajamas or robe ... which quickly ends in the morning when life starts all over! But nothing is cuter on a toddler or little sweet baby then soft jammies you can snuggle them in! I LOVE number eight and now need to get them and go camping because they are too cute! My favorites are the ones with the little feet, Adie looked stinking adorable as ever! The tee and shorts are perfect for summer and for our girl because she is always warm like hot chocolate! I am dying over the fact that number five and even # eleven glow in the dark! So fun and hopefully it'll make our bedtime routine a little smoother because right now Adie fights it like crazy and she used to run to her bed when its bedtime and now she flips out! Literally too! Hel-lo being TWO!

1. I have a few pair of pajamas like this and how fun it would be to match and have a pillow fight with PICTURES :) GAP Kids
2. I think from now on all Adie gets is pajamas. These are so cute!!! Old Navy
3. I love the fact that they make footie jammies for toddlers!!! GAP Kids
4. Mermaid pajamas are a stinking must for our little fish! So love it!!! Pottery Barn Kids
5. Adie will seriously count these little sheep all night long since they glow in the dark!!! AWESOME! J.Crew
6. I am really liking little owls right now and these are no exception! Hatley
7. This robe will be a must every time Adie grows out of hers!!! She totally loves wearing hers after bath-time! GAP Kids
8. These jammies are a stinking must for any camp out or even slumber party!!! SO FUN! Hatley
9. Love the color of these and they come with pajama pants!!! GAP Kids
10. Love these for those hot summer nights!!! Hannah Anderson
11. These are a for sure must once October sneaks up! They glow in the dark too! GAP Kids
12. Can never have too many. Right?!? Love the stripes and can totally picture Adie fighting bedtime in these! J.Crew

Today has been filled with one to many bags of fruit snacks, a timeout, an hour in the sand box, two movies, dance moves only she can pull off and a meltdown on the way to bed! I can never really say no to this cute little face! And she has mastered the cute little one more face while she holds up her little finger! Turns you right into goo! I am totally a tough mommy when Eric is home and when it's just me and her ... we totally have fun and she gets another bag of fruit snacks! 

I have been working on balancing my life! I am stuck in the routine of Adie is my alarm clock and when she takes a nap I get completely comfy on the couch and maybe catch up on Bachelor in Paradise or even some sleep! Come three or four o'clock I need a giant Dr. Pepper like Adie needs new shoes! The worst when your toddler has way more energy than you do! So here's to getting back my energy and getting a new alarm clock! So many awesome things coming up ... it's all so exciting! Can't wait to share it with you guys! 

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