Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wish List New Arrivals Style

We're a couple days late again [was having too much fun @ Bear Lake] but you guys all of these new arrivals at our favorite stores ... I AM DYING! Not as much as I am after catching up on Bachelor in Paradise! Totally crazy but I love it! I have always said that I watch these shows because I don't have drama in my life but these last couple of months have proved me wrong! I cannot wait until Fall is here and we get to be all bundled up and go for our favorite hot chocolate! I will snuggle Adie all day long to make up for the past two months of just kisses!!! I love the entire row five, would that not make the stinking cutest little outfit!?! 

Today  yesterday was such a lazy day. I always feel like you need a vacation after your vacation or at least a day off for after you get home! When you totally are having one of those days like I was you look at your little one and remember why you do it. They are all that matters even when life gets in the way! It was so fun watching Adie play in the pool and seeing how brave she is; which she gets pretty ballsy for a two year old! Her hair is getting so light from being in the sun and not to mention she has the cutest white butt now from all the sun! Seriously we were meant to be beach bums and I cannot wait to see the ocean Friday! I am stinking so excited to be in San Diego! If you follow me on Instagram [@5472rocks] you'll see the ocean too!!!

1. I am sure this is the second time this dress made our wish list and that's how bad Adie wants needs it! J.Crew
2. I love this! A reminder all day to SMILE! Would be so cute with some leggings and new boots! GAP Kids
3. OMG ;) I love this sweatshirt! So perfect for our every day talks! J.Crew
4. Love the side zip of this sweater and not to mention gray!!! 
5. I need a matching one! Adie says 'hat' now and will actually want you to put them on her! So of course this is a must! GAP Kids
6. I have a thing for skirts and this one is freaking perfect!!! J.Crew
7. Love this peacoat and pink is always a must! Perfect for days out with Mommy! GAP Kids
8. These little leg warmers are adorable and I can see Adie just dancing in them! GAP Kids
9. These are sweat pants and I totally want a pair too! Perfect for staying comfy and watching movies!!! GAP Kids
10. I love the print on this shirt. Perfectly paired with some skinny jeans and a pair of Ugg boots! GAP Kids
11. DYING!!! Love everything about this jacket! The color. pockets. and the FUR! GAP Kids
12.  This sweater dress is perfect all by itself or with your favorite pair of leggings!! Totally would add a puffer vest too!!! GAP Kids This is already out of stock! OMG!

Every day should be spent like this! 

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