Monday, August 4, 2014

Wish List Adie's New Room Style

Another Monday has come and is just about over and today was my first day back with just me and Adie and I feel like a brand new Mommy! Exhausted! I have been thinking a lot about the big transition into a big girl room and that just means my girl is growing up too fast! She is two now and acts like a teenager. Best thing ever is she totally puts herself in time out [in her room] and then comes out with kisses and hugs! Stinking best girl. Ever! She is such a sponge right now and only have to show her something once and then she knows it all :) 

I am dying over everything on our list and can totally imagine her spending time coloring at that must have desk. Lounging on that stinking cute rug with all of her pillows reading monkey stories. I love that I love you more than all the stars print because every night I tell her to count the stars because that's how much we love her! I love all of Pottery Barn Kids sheets and would probably have a different one on that must have bed every day! I can just see many nights snuggled up with her reading stories and listening to her most favorite part of the day! That blue chair is my super favorite and Adie will totally agree. Love everything about a big girl room! 

1. I love this nightstand and would totally put a lamp and a couple of her favorite books on it! Pottery Barn Kids
2. The texture on this pillow is my all time favorite! Gray goes with everything! The Land of Nod
3. This basket is a complete must for Adie's dress up tutu skirts and crowns!!! Pottery Barn Kids
4. We have this fun pillow and would be perfect on her new bed!!! The Land of Nod
5. LOVE this desk and the fact its pink! She would spend hours coloring at her desk! Pottery Barn Kids
6. Have to have a little desk lamp and am on the hunt for a blue/aqua one! Pottery Barn Kids
7. HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!! Pottery Barn Kids
8. This is my all time favorite bed for Adie and she could have it forever!!! LOVE!!! Pottery Barn Kids
9. Love this little dolly and she would look perfect snuggled on the bed! Salt City Emporium
10. Rugs bring everything together and I love the color and texture of this one!!! The Land of Nod
11. Olivia books are the funnest and would be a perfect fit in Adie's library! Pottery Barn Kids
12. We have been teaching Adie her colors so this will be a must!!! The Land of Nod
13. Dying over the prints on Pottery Barn Kids sheets and want all of them! Pottery Barn Kids
14. The pin tucked comforter is super girly and a complete must! Pottery Barn Kids
15. Obsessed with this chair and the color! Perfect for forts too!!! The Land of Nod
16. I have been seeing this book shelf and love it! Right next to her bed with books for each season! The Land of Nod

This week we have Adie's two year check-up and she will be off the charts like every visit because since my accident I swear she's grown a whole foot! She is growing up way too fast!!! Getting ready for our Bear Lake trip in a couple weeks that I cannot wait for and then a fun celebration in San Diego which really means I get to put my toes in the sand and listen to the ocean and get sun-kissed all at once! SO EXCITED!  It was seriously so fun having Eric home all last week and Adie sure got the royal treatment compared to her days with Mommy! I'm a girl with a routine of nap time. on time. and every day! But she sure loved every minute with her Daddy. She now has the cutest ever tan lines ever! Every day should be spent with your favorites and doing what you love!

Hope you guys are having a fun week already!

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  1. She is darling! Can't wait to see her new room! I like your picks.