Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We LOVE San Diego

I love everything about San Diego! The drive to get there on the other hand is not my favorite but I'll totally do it again to reach palm trees, sand, the ocean breeze and the sunshine! Nothing means more to me than my two favorites and my Hubby was the best ever and I love you baby!!! Kisses! He drove the entire way there and home and totally just puts up with me and my crazy self! I am so excited for whats on its way for us and cannot wait to share it with you guys! This time in San Diego was so energetic and positive and I think we just have to be beach bums! Adie loved everything about the beach, she laughed and screeched when she ran away from the waves, loved everything about the ocean and I loved it! My days are all mixed up since Bear Lake and the beach! I'm ready for the weekend with our guy and catching up with Bachelor in Paradise and totally need to start traveling to all of the beaches! That is what excites me! You guys, I cannot wait to pack my bags!

Happy hump day, friends!

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