Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Weekend @ the Lake

Nothing is more fun than getting away for a long weekend with some pretty bad ass people! Took a quick drive up to Bear Lake and seriously could have stayed the entire week! The water is the bluest of blues and it's crystal clear which can totally be a bad thing when you see the size of the fish! The shakes are the best, chips and salsa are a must, paddle-boards are a given, and being with family is seriously the best! We spent the entire two days on the beach, in the sunshine with music, buckets & shovels, all the fruit snacks you could eat and had the best time! Adie's favorite part was floating in the water and basically doing what everyone else was doing! Especially the paddle-board ... she would get rides from her Daddy and even stand up all by herself and just loved it! This girl will chase you down with a hand full of wet sand and have no fear of chucking it at you! She is just getting to be more fun and sassy all at the same time but I couldn't even count the number of times I turned to goo this trip! She completely has my heart just like her Daddy! 

Now we are back to the every day mess making, food throwing, 648103 meltdowns and you cannot forget the kisses that erase everything routine! I cannot wait to get things back on track since they nicknamed me trauma castle and fingers crossed I can get to pick up Adie boo boo after my follow-up appointment! I have huge plans to get seriously healthy because I have been talking about it forever and now I am ready to just freaking do it! I have always just talked about it and really cannot wait to have more energy to keep up with Adie and the terrible twos! Does anyone feel just like I do?!?! 

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