Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Finds + Pineapple Crush

 Fridays bring us two days with our guy and we cannot wait until he gets home! We're going on a little weekend camping trip which will be fun especially with Adie! Crazy outdoors kind of adventure! This week has felt like a month, Adie has been waking up in the middle of the night and Eric has been perfect and gets her every time since I still can't pick her up! We used to be those parents that were always bragging about our babes sleeps all night and now I'm exhausted! I am hoping she gets back to her sleeping beauty self here real soon! Anyone else go through this!?!

I cannot eat pineapple and Eric is obsessed with them and I am when it comes to shopping! When I see pineapple I think summer and Hawaii which I have never been but I just know I would love pineapple sitting on the beach! I love that pineapple purse and Adie for sure would insist its hers and those little sandals are a for sure must!!! You are the pineapple of my eye card is by far the cutest ever and would be such a cute print for our little beach decor place! We might have to try this smoothie recipe and this salsa recipe at Bear Lake next week! Summer is still here and I cannot wait for our little mini vacations to drag it out and get kissed by the sun! I am excited for Fall but not just yet!!!

yellow dress | pineapple leggings | bow headband | pineapple sweater tee | tropical shorts |
pineapple headband | pineapple purse | sandals | pineapple card | iPhone case

I love that Fridays end a busy week and that the weekend is near and I get to spend the days with my favorites! There is always so much to celebrate on Fridays and we'll start with a few things I've found and we'll stick with Friday Finds! I have had my eye on this swimsuit and think I just might have to buy it! Love the girly style! These raven and pumpkin napkins are just what we'll need for Halloween which is popping up everywhere already! We will be for sure getting ready for Halloween parties with these must haves! I love this dress for Adie and it is the perfect for her newest dance moves! Love this style of shorts from our favorite store Peek Kids and they're pink!!!

This picture is totally the days of our lives! I am always trying to catch Adie for a picture and she would rather be 5266973 other places! But I still get her and take a quick picture! Hope you guys have a good weekend and if you follow us on instagram @5472rocks you'll see how adventurous our little camping trip is! Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend guys!

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